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Al Wadi Translation services
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Call us 044524440


Call us 044524440


Terms and Conditions:

  • Duration for redeeming the points of the Loyalty Program : 3 months.
  • Only Dubai and Abu Dhabi customers are eligible for the loyalty program.
  • ALWADI Loyalty points shall not be used as payment towards any other services at ALWADI.
  • The loyalty points accumulated cannot be transferred to any other customer nor exchanged for cash.
  • The points shall be redeemed against next job.
  • Loyalty program is subject to revision at any time.
  • You can find the accumulated points in your last invoice.

Why choose us?

  • Ministry of Justice Authorization

    We are one of the few translation services that are certified by the Ministry of Justice. This means that we are fully equipped to translate any and all legal documents and materials at the highest standards.

  • Accurate Industry-specific Translations

    Our teams are trained to collaborate with experts from your industry. As such, we’re always prepared to provide you with accurate, industry-specific translations and interpretations. Unlike most other translation services, our team members focus on capturing the correct meanings behind your material – so you can rest assured that the integrity of your message is uncompromised in any language.

  • Fully Fledged Teams

    Using our dynamic teamwork protocols, we’re able to dedicate specialized, highly experienced teams that undertake every aspect of your project from translation to proofreading to delivery.


Our awesome features

  • Certified Translation

    We offer our clients comprehensive, customized language services that are tailored to their industry-specific needs. This includes expert legal translation in Abu Dhabi and the UAE region. more..

  • Marketing Translation

    We tell your story and translate your marketing materials by customizing them according to the culture and environment of your target customers.

  • Instant Translation

    As an added value to clients enlisting in our services, we offer Translation-on Demand. Anywhere, anytime, our 24-hour translation hotline will provide you with instant on demand translations or basic liaising services whenever language is an issue.

  • Medical Translation

    Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation requires high precision. In addition, there are various medical specialties requiring the translator to have a long medical and linguistic background and experience.

  • Web Localization

    Your website is an identity card that enables you to introduce yourself to your prospective customers around the globe. So when it comes to making your website accessible in multiple languages, our expert translators make it appeal to your target market by translating and localizing your website into the needed languages, considering the cultural sensitivity of your visitors

  • Editing & Proofreading

    When it comes to approving any materials, our team focuses on different aspects of the writing and employs various techniques. What we do is spend the needed time to detect and correct errors and typos in any document and make necessary adjustments in grammar, spelling and punctuation.


Our professional services guarantees the success of your organization using the latest technologies solutions.

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