ALWADI Debt Management

We offer below services:
1) Debt Collection
2) Legal Debt Collection
3) International Debt Collection
4) International Legal Debt Collection
5) Skip Tracing
6) Out Sourcing

Through our industry specific experts

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Call us 0557316898


We Cover 194 Countries

  • MENA & GCC
  • Europe
  • America
  • Africa
  • Asia

Why choose us?

  • ‘No collection, No Fees’ Guarantee

    As a value-added service to our medium-large corporate clients, we offer an assurance policy wherein we receive no payment until your debt is collected – when you get paid, we get paid.

  • 360-degree Legal Debt Collection Support

    With our sister affiliations, we are fully equipped in providing you with sworn legal advice that is certified from the Ministry of Justice. This means that your debt collection situations can be resolved or understood from both a financial and legal point of view.

  • Free Consultation & Due Diligence

    As part of our enhanced quality and customer care experience, we offer all our clients a free debt consultation along with the necessary Due Diligence that goes with your debt collection case.


Our awesome features

  • Excellence

    We strive to continuously uphold a ‘quality over quantity’ approach in our business. So we carefully select our cases, and then we proceed to do everything we can to deliver the results you need.

  • Cost Effectiveness

    Every client has different needs. So we tailor our rates and plans to suit your budget – a logical balance that builds mutually valuable partnerships.

  • Innovative

    Combining our deep in-house expertise, cutting-edge technology and sister affiliations, we will continuously find the smartest, most effective ways to collect, negotiate and resolve your debts. Where others give up, we innovate.

  • Transparency

    From the very beginning, we will provide you with objective analysis and projections on your case’s outcome. Also, we will provide you with periodical reports and regular case updates so that you are always aware of every development in your debt collection process.

  • Flexibily

    Our varied pool of expertise allows us to excel at every aspect of debt collection and management. Be it industry-specific limitations or finding solutions that suit all parties, we treat every case with the appropriate responsiveness.

  • Respect

    Be it privacy, work ethic or simply a professional attitude, our staff is trained to uphold the highest standards in creating a dynamic, comfortable environment wherein your business can prosper.

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Our professional services guarantees the success of your organization to understan your need and provide solutions accordingly.

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